YouTube Vlogging Equipment for Beginners

YouTube Vlogging Equipment for Beginners. 

Starting a YouTube channel is not difficult, but sometimes we need to improve the quality of audio and video to produce quality content. We’ve put together a list of gear you could use to start your video adventure.

YouTube has become one of the most important platforms in the world, and a great search engine for anything on the web. Reaching 1.9 billion active users per month and playing 4.3 million videos per minute, allow this social network to obtain greater impact. Even the “ YouTubers ”, the creators of content within the space are internationally recognized figures. Today many want to obtain that fame and look for the same equipment that their idols use.

Why not record audio and video for your YouTube channel? We are going to tell you which is the best equipment for the quality-price to record your videos on YouTube without costing you a lot. Making videos for YouTube is relatively easy and you can get very good quality if you have the right equipment.

With this equipment, you are going to improve your videos a lot and its price is reasonable. We are not going to recommend the most expensive equipment, we are simply going to show you the minimum equipment you should buy to get really good results.

Do I need a lot to be a YouTuber?

In truth, it depends on the type of project you want to undertake, what standard you want to offer your audience, and how much knowledge you have on the technical side. Sometimes the simplest is usually the most efficient for a decent result. In terms of video, the details to take care of with the lighting, the audio, and the quality of the record. These three aspects highlight any audiovisual production, so you should consider them as a priority for the production of your material.

Please note that many “YouTubers” use two sets of recording equipment. A team is dedicated to recording in the same place or location, while a mobile kit is used for recording on trips or outdoors. While not necessary, it sometimes helps to have a lighter setup for street recording.

My phone is not enough?

Yes, and it can be more than enough for many people. The recording quality on a smartphone today is high, but it still lacks a good audio system. If you use a phone for your YouTube channel, you are going to need an audio system that highlights your video.

However, the rear camera of a phone will always have better quality than the front, so it is recommended to use the main camera at all times. That will prevent us from seeing each other while we record ourselves, a necessary reference in this type of format. Here you must decide what recording quality you need, and how much you depend on seeing yourself on the screen while recording.

What is the basic setup that a YouTuber needs?

The key setting on YouTube is:

The main camera: It can be a phone, an action camera, or a DSLR. The important thing is that it is a device dedicated to recording and that we have the possibility of improving quality with accessories.

A microphone: A good video with bad audio is seen less than a bad video with good audio. A chest microphone or a medium-range microphone are useful tools to improve the quality of our production.

Camera Stability: A tripod, a monopod, or a selfie stick are necessary so that our image does not look shaken or unstable.

Light: Although you can take advantage of natural light, the truth is that, in very adverse lighting conditions, a lightbox is important.

Our camera recommendation

Canon PowerShot G7 Mark IIOne of the best compact options for recording video. The G7 II has an aperture of 1.8, which will give us that traditional unfocused effect of the background in the shot. Although it only records up to FullHD and does not have a microphone input, its screen can be moved to serve as a selfie screen in video mode.

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Sony RX100: This variant from Sony is very similar to the Canon G7 but has more detail in the video, as well as a simpler system for video recording modes. Today we have up to six series, but the first version still complies efficiently

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Canon 70D: If you want to take the leap seriously, a 70D will be the team of choice. I have had one for a year and a half, and I learned to know it with patience and to appreciate its speedy approach, in addition to having a mobile screen that allows me to monitor my recording. It is the ideal tool to record yourself. The interesting thing is that it is an effective bridge to the vast universe of lenses. The best part is that it allows you to add an external microphone for a better result. 

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My recommendation of lenses for YouTube with a Canon DSLR is a 10-18 for angle shots [ LINK ], a 24mm for detail shots [ LINK ], a 50mm aperture 1.8 [ LINK ] and an 18 to 135 lens for shots with more zoom.

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GoPro Hero 7 BlackThe best version of GoPro is the most recent. In addition to stabilizing the video in an impressive way, you can time- lapse your walks and change the color profile in your videos for better post-production. This version is really surprising. [ LINK ] Now, if you are going to get batteries for your GoPro, you can go for a higher capacity option and a charger for three batteries at the same time via USB 

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YiCamA good and cheaper version of GoPro is undoubtedly the YiCam. It has a good sensor for action images and records in 4K at a low cost.

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Logitech C920Although it is a webcam, it is much better than those integrated into laptop screens. Also, the Logitech software allows you to change the background, and add a different background to your videos. It records in 1080 at 30 frames per second, and its autofocus is really fast. 

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Our recommendation for SD memories

SanDisk 128GB [ LINK ]

Samsung microSD 128GB

Kingston 128GB High Speed

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Our lights recommendation

Viltrox L116TThe lightest lightbox you will find for your recordings. It has a very high luminosity, in addition to adjusting the temperature with a single touch. It has a screen on the back to see the light and temperature parameters. [ LINK ] This equipment comes without batteries, so you will have to buy them separately 

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Lume CubeA very small, but powerful light. It is ideal to complement your portable kit or use it with your smartphone. 

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Selfie light ringThis system is perfect for your phone’s front lens, and you can light up your face during Facebook Live broadcasts or your casual photos. 

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Our tripod recommendation.

1. Joby GorillaPod Tripod with Ball Head: This popular Octopus like tripod is common among vloggers like Logan Paul, Ricegum, David Dobrik and so on.  It can be mould and curved 360 decrees to fit in into an position, surface and object.

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2. SwitchPod: Unlike the Joby GorriaPod, SwitchPod as a rigid standing leg, which can be switched to self vlogging and quick switch to table video game. It can be folded together and contained in a flat bag pack. 

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3. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod: I would highly recommend this for studio / traveling vloggers. The Manfrotto Compacts tripods are the tripods you see YouTubers use when making public experiments videos, performance, travel vlogs, music videos and so on.  It is very portable to carry at hand or on flight with a weight of 1.3KG. It’s an ideal tripod for those who love to talk to their video camera.

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Our recommendation for microphones

1. Rode Wireless Go: This is the smallest and the very best wireless microphones you can come about of now in the market. The ability for Rode Wireless Microphone to record audio sounds from few distance and also among crowdy locations is top-notch. It comes with an inbuilt Rechargeable Battery which allows USB charging 

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2. Saramonic Blink 500 B2: Saramonic Blink 500 is the perfect “good price, quality microphone”, it comes with popular used 2.4GHz frequency, which can help you catch audio sounds upto 50 meters. The rechargeable battery life spam is about 4 hours when charged with a USB C cable.

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My Conclusion.

As you have seen, it is not such an expensive material, and the results that we are going to obtain are really good. When you already have the practice to record videos for YouTube, then you can start buying something more expensive and more professional equipment.

• You will also need a good computer or best laptops for video editing  to render the videos. If you have an SSD hard drive and a good amount of RAM, better than better.

Just a tip regarding the recording set. Try to have it related to the material you are recording. If you are going to record yourself playing, the best thing is that you do it in front of your powerful pc, right?

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