How to Make Money Online in Nigeria (Post-Coronavirus Edition)


How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Post-CoronaVirus Edition. 

The Coronavirus pandemic raised a lot of questions and concerns among many Nigerians who would love to make money online from their home or comfort zone. There’s no doubt about the steady increase in Google search trends for “how to make money online from home” as the keyword volume soar higher during the Coronavirus Lockdown.  In this post, I’ll be sharing some legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria post-coronavirus period with little or no capital.

Money Making ways online in Nigeria After Coronavirus

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Service Provider (Freelance)
3. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
4. Forex Trading
5. Patience & Brush up your Skills.


1. Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve got a good influence on your social media platform or maybe you own a blog or website, you can start making money online by promoting companies, products, services and free offers, easily on your mobile device and a stable internet connection. Example of an affiliate website is

How do I Get started?

Popular CPA  (Cost Per Action) Affiliate networks like as Amazon, EBay, Jumia, Shopify and many more. These affiliates offers nice commissions per sales for Publishers who display desired or certain products using referral codes or link when someone buys a products or services.

Social Media

A good social presence on apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest & Reddit can make you some decent amounts of money monthly through affiliate marketing promotions. This requires enough engagements from your social accounts.

Blog & Website

Owning a Blog or website these days can be very lucrative, with a moderate numbers of dedicated readers, you can easily review affiliate products to readers with concrete reasons why they should buy from your Blog. This requires some sort of Blog credibility.

Affiliate Networks To Try

1. Amazon Associates

2. eBay Partners

3. ShareASale Affiliate

4. Shopify Affiliate

5. Jumia Affiliate

2. Providing Services (Freelance)

Service providing is the way to go in 2020 & onward, helping people fix their problems or difficult task will earn you some nice amount of money Online. Having an area of specialization is what to go for when looking forward to provide service to people both offline and online. I.e “I specialize mainly on WEB & SEO Services.”

Services You can Provide

– Web / App Developer
– Graphics Designer
– Contents Creator
– Video Editor
– Assignment Helper
– Language Translator
– Online Coach / Tutor
– Brand Influencer
– Real Estate Broker
– Legal Advisor and many more services you can venture into Online & offline. 

3. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Making money online by buying and selling of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is a momentum gaining grounds among online users these days. Bitcoin as grown to be a widely accepted payments method both home & abroad among the elites and the common man. Buying and selling of bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies is a becoming a lucrative business to venture into. The story of a teenager who made millions on bitcoins after stalking bitcoins worth 1000$ in 2011

Note that, don’t rush into buying bitcoins to make money online, it’s very important to gather more informations before getting started.


4. Forex Trading

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies in the foreign exchange market. Just like trading of cryptocurrencies, trading of foreign currencies can make you bulky profits in a limited timeframe from the comfort of your home or work by just sitting on your desk and analyzing the market charts. To make substantial profits on Forex, it requires a deeper knowledge, skillful trading, enduring patience, proper practicing, analyzing of markets and lastly an experienced Mentor.
You can check out 7 solid rules for consistent traders


5. Patience & Brush Up Your Skills

Wanting to make money can be frustrating as hell, even from personal experience. So you need to be more patience and brush up your skills while you add more skills to your arsenal.


Thank you for reading with me, do let me know about which one works perfectly fine for you and maybe more money making ways I can include to this list.

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