How to Make Money on Facebook Every Hour


How to make money every hour on Facebook.


Hahahaha, this is not a clickbait, yes you can make money on Facebook for every hour you spend on the App instead of chatting and the usual infinite feed scrolling. So lessen your chatting and start making money with your Facebook account.

Facebook do not pay it users money for every hour used on their app, but you can make money going about your business, promoting affiliate offers and products on Facebook.


How to Make Money Online with Facebook

In this post, I’ll be showing you one of methods I use to make money from Facebook, which is the Facebook Business Page (ChatBot) + CPA Offers method.


1. FaceBook Business Page ChatBot + CPA Offers

Facebook incorporated a new business tools for businesses owner titled ”ChatBot”, what is ChatBot? Chatbot on Facebook is an artificial intelligence program  that is capable of interacting with people, responding to particular questions, and proving automated suggestions.

Importance of Facebook ChatBot

1. Provides personalized attention to your business audience.

2. Automated response to audience FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

3. Brings you closer to your audience.

4. Saves time and money on customer care.

5. Re-engage customers.

How do I Setup Facebook ChatBot?

Setting up Facebook or messenger chatbot won’t take much of your time. In this post, I’ll be using ManyChat for this tutorial, so let’s get started.


Step 1: Create a ManyChat Account

Head over to ManyChat and create an account. To do this, you’ll need to have a facebook page and grant manychat permission to access your account. (They do not invade your privacy)

Step 2: Connect your Facebook Page
After signing up with your Facebook account, then connect  your Facebook business page to manychat. You can also create a new business page for that, in case you have none.

Step 3: Create your Welcome Message.

In your Dashboard, go to Automation > Flows > Welcome message. Then configure your first Welcome message to every customers who interact with you on your Business Page.
There are more cool options you can try out for your welcome message. Check below.

After that, then you can start tweaking your Facebook  chatbot keywords on how you want it to automate replies from your page customers.

So let’s get started with CPA Offers.

CPA Affliate Programs

There are hundreds of CPA networks with great offers for their publishers. Below are the types of CPA Affiliate Network programs you can promote.

  • VPN Affiliate Programs
  • Website Affiliate Programs
  • Best Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • Travel Affiliate Programs
  • Finance & Credit Card Affiliate Programs
  • Fitness Affiliate Programs
  • CBD Affiliate Programs
  • Fashion Affiliate Programs
  • Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs
  • Gaming and Twitch Affiliate Programs
  • Music Affiliate Programs
  • Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs
  • Sports Affiliate Programs


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