Future of SEO After Google August Updates 2020


Future of SEO After Google August Updates 2020

Latest Google Algorithm updates for August 2020 got rolled out on the 10th of Aug and it’s been a massive tornado on the Google SERP. A lot of webmasters on seo forums like Warrior forum as expressed their dissatisfaction about the new Unannounced minor update that took place. This as been a major setbacks for Webmasters who still as little faith about Google search engine fairness without manipulating search results.

This days, every Tom and Harry roaming around the internet community, make claims about knowing SEO and practically an SEO Experts.

When it comes down Search Engine Optimizations a lot of unsaid factors matters lately than the usual slogan “Build Backlinks and you’ll rank Google front page or contents is King” i must say those Era are going into extinction with the constant change & update fix by Google Algorithm Team.

This Major Google Algo Updates have made SEO Experts, Guru, Bloggers and Freelancers turn Newbies in the quest of deciding the new key factors to rank their Blogs, Client Business & Services.

The Google May 2020 Core Updates comes to mind, it made was a total change of Game, google announced via their Twitter handle.

This led to a major reshuffle of search positions on the SERP, a lot of my friends and co bloggers around the world lost their rankings, keywords, and large chunk of their search traffic to the Chosen ones.

1. Buying/Building Backlinks


After the May Major Core Update, Google as practically revealed to us that, having more backlinks or referring domains (RD) alone won’t guarantees higher position on the SERP, which means more hidden factors are to be considered.
I’ve seen blogs, websites, businesses having few or no quality backlinks gain higher position than websites with thousands of Backlinks.  I don’t have to pin point them out, but you can check those new blogs ranking better on your Niche.


Building or buying backlinks have impacts on your rankings, but it no longer the Major factor for higher positions on google search engine appearance.

Save your time and resources from hungry Marketplace Seo sellers who are ready to provide you with low quality links.


2. Contents is KING


Before now, I would tell newbies, content is King, this is a slogan known to veteran Webmasters, Bloggers, SEO Experts and even from google software popular engineer Matt’s Cutt.
Contents as always been one of google major factors while displaying Quality search content for searchers, it as always been a way to rank  original well written contents higher than copyrighted, automated and short low quality contents. But this days, even copyrighted & low quality contents ranks above top notch contents.
That’s to show “content is king“ rules no longer a major ranking factors anymore, a lots have changed even to the so called marketplace seo service sellers



Content is a ranking factor but no longer a major factor, you can get Well written contents for your Blog and still not get better search results.


3. WordPress SEO Plugins:

WordPress SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO ,All-On-SEO Pack, and Rank Maths has gained the trust of thousands WordPress Users, with their On-Page SEO ability to rank websites easily for various focused keywords chosen by them, giving WordPress users higher ranking advantages over Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, Shopify and other website builders.

But with the May Core updates, Google shattered every probabilities of favoring WordPress users over other web builders like Blogspots etcs, even when we all know that Google uses fast loading pages to rank websites higher, which  AMP for WordPress can be activated.


WordPress SEO Plugins are great, but don’t spend too much on them, with the hope of ranking higher than your competitors.

4. Fast PageSpeed:

According to Matt cutt in 2010, Google uses Fast Page speed to analyze websites and rank them higher. But after various updates in 2020, the Chant “Fast Page speeds equals Good ranking” have gone oblivion to Google ranking factors.

Let take a look at Backlinko and Neilpatel Page Speed Insights and compare.



You can see both ranks well on Google, but Backlinko ranks better with higher volume of traffic and search keywords.



PageSpeed is good for users experience, but faster page speed doesn’t automate to higher rankings on position SERP.


My Conclusion

Well at the end of this article, I’ve come into conclusion that, Big Daddy Google will have mercy on the Chosen Ones, either many or few backlinks, quality or low contents, Fast PageSpeed or slow pages, authority or local blogs.


How to Become the Chosen One?


1. Build your Blogs, Websites or Business Brands without hassles

2. Tap into Social media marketing like Twitter , Facebook, Instagram etcs.

3. Approach google for AdWords

4. Hire an SEO Expert for your Blog / Business

5. Guest Post on Popular Blogs (we offer guest post service)

6. Patience and Prayer.


Thank you for reading with me, if you’ve any more Questions, you can contact me here

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