Fastest Fingers Game Review: How To Download & Play


Faster response enhance communication bonds among family, friends, colleagues, and online users who engage in texting messages. We all have those slow replies people who responds to chats slowly and takes forever to Reply us. ?? E.g Most of our Parents, i won’t blame them, they were not borned in this Computer Age.



About FastestFingers

Fastest Fingers is a smartphone mobile game developed for both Android & iOS users, designed to help you improve your Typing Speed and response time when replying chats.

My Review:

Fastest Finger is an interesting game for everyone, young and old. I have to practice more myself, ooooh, I’m not a slow person, but I don’t mind increasing my typing speed. This saves me time writing content for my blog.

About Owner:

This new mobile game was crafted by a Team of Nigerian App Developers.

@Thepunisher, @Olawafemi , @LazyDev @arafah – @Madeofhuman


You can contact them or On @FastestFingers for more info’s and feedback.

How to Get Started:

Download Faster Finger on Andriod or iOS

How To Play

The Game consist of three Modes, which are Practice Mode, Multi-Player and Random match(not yet available)

Feedback & Final Verdict:

I should be able to view the meanings of words been supplied during gameplay….with that i can learn more words and also add for use in my daily vocabulary!

Special Kudos to the Team behind this Initiatives. One Love! ❤️

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