About Us

About Us.

iGoSabi serves as an information reservoir for Nigerians seeking to learn new things online. iGoSabi is all about Business Ideas, How To Tutorials, Tech Reviews, SEO Talks, Gadgets Gist, Money Making Online, and other useful contents.

We research and discover, then feed you with latest useful informations,  we don’t offer offer recycled contents and we constantly keep our website contents up to date.


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About iGoSabi Owner

iGoSabi is owned by David Ekunola (a.k.a Ade Dappii) , I’m a young vibrant SEO Guru hailing from Ondo State, Nigeria. I grew up and live in Sango Otta, Ogun state. I studied Office Technology & Management at Lagos State Polytechnic (LaspoTech) but I was unable to finish my program due to my strong passion for Blogging and quest for more knowledge outside the school walls.

I’m a gentle soul and an introvert. I enjoy trying new things and when I’m not blogging & performing SEO tasks, then I’m reading or playing PUBG Mobile or watching a movie or maybe stroking my guitar.

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Twitter: @adeDappii

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