5 Things you should know About Bloggers


Having a Blog or working on a blog as a writer can have direct & indirect influences on your personality, way of life and also shape you up for a future career as a public figure, speaker, or official. 

There’s no doubt about Bloggers forgoing part of their freedom, pleasure, short-term goals, unhealthy traits & beliefs, etc, for what works for them. Being a blogger takes a lot of responsibilities, as you’re held accountable for whatever publications dished out to your blog readers and the general public. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing you 5 things you need to know about Bloggers.

5 Things you should know About Bloggers.


1. Bloggers are Influencers

Yes, when it comes to influencing, just as the Media houses influence government policies and the citizens, bloggers also influence their blog readers with their contents, they’re naturally assumed as leaders who guide their followers. So when next you see a blogger, you should know they are personal guidance to a certain amount of people online and offline,


2. Most Bloggers are Introverts

I enjoy being an introvert, but being a blogger makes you more of an introverted personality. You spend more time on yourself, your blog, at home, and how you can get tasks accomplished without stepping out much. A popular pidgin adage says “He don tey wey I see you, better pass “he don dey come back again” That is the case of many bloggers, they’re barely seen in the public or a venue except if it’s an important meeting and or tasks to perform.


3. Most Bloggers ain’t Womanizers or Nymphomaniacs

To be a blogger, you are pre-occupied with content to write, emails & feedbacks to reply, business to handle among other things. Bloggers don’t have time luring women or men to bed, as they meet numerous individuals online and they decide to keep to themselves most time. This doesn’t mean bloggers don’t have fun or do relationships, they do but moderately.


4. Bloggers Earn Decent Income

When it comes to income, bloggers earn decent pay cheques to finance their daily lifestyle, businesses, pay bills, and other things. Bloggers get paid by displaying Advertisements, promotion of companies’ products & services, sponsored articles, free donations, and other things. So yes, they earn a decent amount of money weekly or monthly.


5. Bloggers are not Fraudsters By Job Nature

A lot of less informed societies see Bloggers as fraudulent people who stay at home, make money, and don’t move around for Jobs. The truth is bloggers are gainfully employed in their own craft, you can see them as their employer and employees. Blogging doesn’t not requires you to belong to a business organization or factory to make money, you can do that from the convenience of your home. So when you see a young or older man work from home with some of these 5 points I listed above, then he could be a blogger or makes money online from home legitimately


Thank you for reading with me, I hope you gained more understanding about the nature surrounding Blogging n’ Bloggers. Feel free to drop me an email or feedback in the comments section below.

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