5 Small Business you can start in Nigeria (No Capital Required)


5 Small Business you can start in Nigeria (No Capital Required)

One of the major problems faced by Nigerians when starting a business is capital. There’s no need to emphasize the importance of capital when planning to start a business either small scale or large scale. According to Investopedia, your small business is likely to fail without a good capital.

In this post, I’ll show you small scale business you can do with little or no capital. The only capital you need is your head and little skills lol. So let’s get started.


1. Private Tutor for students

This gig as been operating before I was born lol, and it never going extinction sooner or later, we call it ”Evening tutorial” and they’re available for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Private tutors rake in a decent amount of income monthly or weekly depending on their payment intervals.

It’s simple to start, find a little space around you, this can be your compound, a school, or any conducive environment for learning and start tutoring students.

You will also need to be jovial among students to persuade them to come for your private tutorial and don’t forget to carry out a proper survey around you to know which tutorial to start (primary, secondary or tertiary students) and environment to use.


2. Bike & Tricyle Rider

Whether you are a good driver or about to learn, you can make enough living by riding people to their destination. Bike riders popularly known as (Okada riders) make profits of about N3000-N5000 daily while some make more, depending on the distance covered and climate weather according to an interview I had with a bike-man week back. The same goes for tricycle riders (Keke Napep). You don’t have to own a bike or tricycle to start this business, some people lease them out based on agreements.

3. Bitcoin / Giftcard seller

The trend of buying and selling of bitcoins and gift cards as become so rampant among Nigerians these days. You can make little gains of about N1000-N2000 per transaction by being a middle-man when buying and selling of bitcoins and gift cards, but I must say this business requires you to be constant with market rates of bitcoins & cards and utmost caution when dealing with people, to avoid getting scammed or ripped off. 


4. Device Charging

Yes, charging business. You can make some decent amount of money by helping people charge their devices for N50. Charging business owners are now widespread in Nigeria due to the low power supply and petrol hike. A lot of Nigerians prefer to pay to charge their phone than buy petrol to charge.
Let me make an analysis for you.

N50 * 100 devices to charge daily= N5,000
N5,000 – 1,500 Petrol daily = N3,500

At least N3,500 profits daily by just helping people charge their phones. That’s a reasonable amount to save and survive within Nigeria.


5. Cleaning service

A lot of people undermine cleaning services, cleaners get paid a nice fee to clean dirt. A cleaner can work in 3-4 organizations together and also on weekends. They can get paid instantly, weekly, or monthly. An average cleaner salary in Nigeria is about N10,000 or more monthly depending on the organization, while he or she opened to free cash from any individual and more jobs on free days.


Thank you for reading with me, which one have you tried or plan to try. Do let me know in the comment section below.

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