3 Key Factors To Improve Your Business Sales With Facebook (No Ads Required)


When it comes down to awareness for your Business, facebook is pretty much the easiest and widely used platform by business owners. Thousands of online users have been able to make more sales. expand their businesses and reach out to audience far beyond their vicinities through Facebook marketing.
In this article today, I’ll show you how to increase your Business sales with Facebook without ads, so stay with me while dish out the goodies.


Procedures to follow.


1. Communication

Free flow communication with your facebook audience builds more authority and trust between your brands and customers. The usefulness of communication can’t be overruled because certain business brings about random questions instead of the usual frequently asked questions and answers. Take a step today and start engaging your audience & customers, they want you communicative and persuasive.

2. Survey

Creating a survey for your Facebook customers & audience will help you know crucial things that can reform and elevate your Business and ideas on how to go about it. Big companies leverage on survey sites to help them get more information about products or services. Setting surveys for people to answer can save you from crashing business plan and improve your business sales.

Example is a Juice Factory performing a survey online. 

Coffee or Juice?
Do you prefer Orange Juice or Apple Juice?
Do you Drink Juice everyday or once in a week?
Glass Juice jar or Plastic?

These type of survey will let the company know what to produce, variety of supply, and supply demands.


3. Free Offers & Giveaway

Free offers are a common tactic used by business owners, service providers, B2B software companies, and others by typically providing their products for a limited period when customers can get their service or product for free or lower discounts. This as proven remarkably effective as we all love free offers and giveaway. Free offers & giveaway will create more awareness and credibility for your business and increase sales.


I do hope after taking notes of these guidelines, your business sales with Facebook improves. Thank you for reading. 

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